Living Apart / Entwined


As I walk to work this morning I stumble upon a graffiti image of two trees with roots that are beginning to entwine. The caption is ‘Living Apart/Entwined’. I am struck by the potency of this phrase as a metaphor for our country. A simple allegory for our beloved country[…]

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Confronting One’s Own Racism

‘One may not reach the dawn save by the night’. I love this quote by Kahil Gibran. A journey into the light often requires a difficult crossing through the dark. Perhaps as South Africans we have not yet had the courage to journey into our own racism so that we[…]

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Deep Democracy

In a meeting today with a colleague, she used the term ‘deep democracy’. It stirred something in me. Deep Democracy. One that implies rigour, depth, a mining into, interrogated, turned over – DEEP. And it dawned on me. We sit on the surface of our exquisitely crafted democratic constitution. We[…]

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