Deep Democracy

In a meeting today with a colleague, she used the term ‘deep democracy’. It stirred something in me. Deep Democracy. One that implies rigour, depth, a mining into, interrogated, turned over – DEEP. And it dawned on me. We sit on the surface of our exquisitely crafted democratic constitution. We don’t own the responsibility to independently apply it in our daily lives, with each other, where it counts.

Perhaps our democracy has been straddling on the surface for too long now, which accounts for the awful resurge and explosion of racism, racial innuendo’s, race hate between people that we are witnessing in our daily news and social media sites.

Get to know ‘the other’. Simply meet them. Mine down into their culture and way of being to discover richness and value and to eliminate fear. Above all recognize our sameness, for which the constitution was created to protect. Our humanity.

It is time for deep democracy, which requires action and effort and individual responsibility to impact the collective psyche and bring our constitution to fruition.


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