When we engage authentically, we are free and equally willing to harness the potential in each and every individual without trying to impose ‘ourselves’ on another individual. Authentic connections are about sharing ourselves and resonating with the differences in communication style of the other people in the team.





Through a creatively guided process of self disclosure and empathy, Ruth cultivates in individuals the facility to engage more authentically, to see beyond judgement and stereotype and to focus on the essence and authenticity of an individual as a means to engage in meaningful communication, to create the bridge and meet halfway.

The strength of many teams is the coming together for a common purpose.

This common purpose and the daily striving of working together for the greater good of the organization plays a vital role in the health, vitality, productivity, profitablity and agility of a well functioning company.

Thirty years ago, a potential employee was generally hired on the basis of technical skills. Today employees often contrast the “soft” interpersonal skills with analytical problem solving skills, but managers are starting

to discover that an ability to learn and grow in the job is limited by an inability to “empathize or cope with the emotional reactions of others that naturally occur” in the workplace.

All those skills that have been largely dismissed as “soft” in the business world but are now being recognized as powerful tools for facilitating the harnessing the collective intelligence and potential from a team of individuals within an organisation.


Ruth was asked to conduct a workshop with a team of people who work for an organisation with roots in the past political disposition. The objective or intention behind the workshop, was to facilitate consciousness between people in the team and in turn to be more equipped to engage with the differences in a neutral way, without imposing agenda or past ‘life’ baggage and prejudice.

In the 2 hour workshop Ruth used poetry to explore the richness, complexity and diversity within our personal heritage. This can be tapped into, to innovate different ways of thinking and seeing. But the real purpose is to remove the fear of difference and embrace the spice it can offer to our shared experience.

“The exercise took me out of the smugness of my comfort zone to force me to confront my irrational prejudices. In so doing, I am more confident of handling conflict in a more amicable manner. Thank you.” Phephelaphi Dube (Ms) – Legal Officer